Briefing FAQ

Our briefings cover:

  • Money Management
  • Mortgage Readiness
  • Financial Resilience

We cover these topics as we believe these are the most pressing financial issues facing members of the Armed Forces today.  This is not just our opinion.  We have analysed the data gathered from our Financial Wellbeing Surveys and see a consistent trend of people requiring assistance in these areas.

In addition, personnel in senior roles may find the content useful from a signposting perspective should they be approached about financial matters by junior team members.

We can deliver the briefing in several different ways.

  • Formal presentation on camp
  • Round table workshop/conversation
  • Webinar

We’ll work with you to identify what format is most suitable for you and your colleagues.

We don’t charge a fee to conduct our briefings.

If an individual instructs us to arrange an insurance policy on their behalf, we receive a commission from the insurance company as a thank you for introducing them as a new customer. These commission payments allow us to run our platform, pay our staff and are the reason we can continue to provide free tools and content to you.

We hope that our briefings are not perceived in this way.

Yes, during the presentation we talk about a number of subjects, some of which could create an opportunity for audience members to become clients, allowing us to make money.

But we have put a lot of work into understanding the specific requirements of Armed Forces personnel.  To that end, our briefing aims to be informative and educational.

When we talk about insurance products, we discuss:

  • When a product might be suitable and when it isn’t.
  • What employee benefits could substitute the need for personal insurance.
  • Which providers are most suitable for Armed Forces personnel.
  • How to build a policy that covers you correctly.

No.  At no point will a representative of Stag Protect insist that all audience members hand over their personal contact details.

Our brief aims to educate and inform, but to also generate interest in our services and products.  To this end, audience members will be invited to share their contact details should they want to engage with a Stag Protect adviser in the future.  This is not mandated and is optional.

Typically, our briefing last for 45 – 60 minutes allowing for questions and answers.

Stag Protect work with RAO Dets initially to gain authorisation to present at a sub unit level.

We can provide all necessary equipment but can connect to supplied audio-visual equipment if available.

The objective of the briefing is to raise awareness and educate on different financial disciplines and products.  Should an audience member engage with us following a briefing, they will receive regulated financial advice.

As financial advisers we focus on building the financial resilience of our clients’ lives.  Even for those that do not want or need our services, at the time we present to them, we can still positively impact their lives by giving them unique insights to allow them to make better financial decisions in the future.